“It’s hard to keep up living a healthy life while living a busy life. But health is our wealth,” says Doug E Fresh. Recently, I was at the Be Expo event in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Be Expo festival consisted of great panel discussions focusing on health, music, business, women empowerment, etc. Doug E Fresh was one the main headliners at the event. Before he spoke at one of the workshops as a panelist and hit the stage to perform his greatest classics, Doug E Fresh and I discussed a wide range of topics such as 80s-90s Hip Hop, self awareness to the recent death of former Bad Boy rap artist Craig Mack. The impact of the recent deaths of many Hip Hop legends definitely left a huge impact on the Hip Hop community worldwide. 

During our conversation, Doug E Fresh made my heart glad when he mentioned that he does his best to exercise, eat right and visit his primary care physician regularly. And that his goal is to live as long as possible while avoiding preventable diseases that plague the Black community at large such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, obesity, renal failure and strokes. He said “many Black men must take care of themselves and visit their primary care physician before we start experiencing complications. We are dying at a faster rate and part of the reason is we don’t see a doctor regularly; waiting until the last minute when it is too late. Our health is our wealth.”

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