There’s always a retreat popping up somewhere in the world. Retreats has become increasingly more popular and are beginning to replace standard vacations. Why? Because people are looking for ways to take charge of their own health on different levels: spiritually, mentally, socially and physically. 

Recently, I attended a wellness retreat entitled “Support Your Girlfriends” this past weekend in the island of Jamaica. The retreat was wonderfully organized by my publicist, Nikkia McClain. 

I was hesitant to attend initially. I didn’t know what to expect especially since this was my first time going to this kind of trip and finding out that I was going to share a room with a person that I didn’t know beforehand. I must say that the retreat was absolutely amazing! I was surrounded by 19 other women that were like-minded, seeking support and wanted to improve their lives. It was a great space for establishing new relationships and creating long lasting friendships. I was encouraged to write a blog in hopes of inspiring others to attend more retreats. 


Here are my top reasons why you and/or loved one should attend a retreat:

1. Self-care is important! It helps clear your head, reset priorities, heightens your productivity and gain a little extra motivation to sustain optimal health. 

2. Retreats may help improve your overall health.

3.Most wellness retreats are designed to help educate and inspire you to return home with all the tools needed to take care of yourself. 

4. Great space for establishing new relationships and creating long lasting friendships.

5.Experienced improvements in spirituality, gratitude, self-love and anxiety. 

6. An inclusive group environment such as a retreat can provide great support.

7. Can make you feel relax, be at ease and be yourself!

I’m so glad that I attended this recent retreat. I was invited not only to speak at this retreat, but connect with women that are so open to love unconditionally, truly support one another and so I can let my hair down/be free/be myself. I connected with high power women that truly believe in investing in each other plus our community at large AND said “sista’ what do YOU need to get YOUR dream poppin’ into a reality because this what I will do to make it happen!” 


There were so many testimonies, hugs and kisses given, and prayers thrown to the Universe because all of us realized that WE are struggling with some real life personal issues as Black Women no matter how famous or not, the title and successful we are. The prayers had us shouting to GOD with tears rolling down our faces while asking our Creator to help us with all that we are going through...meanwhile not feeling ashamed to be vulnerable in front of each other. 

I’ve gained more sisters and another squad in the name of women-empowerment, self-love, self-care, mental health, women entrepreneurship and wellness. 

Do your life a favor and go to a retreat for the sake of saving yourself. You won’t regret it!